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eBay's only Certified Provider for Design.

With over 12 years of experience and over 360,000 users, Frooition has a proven track record of increasing sales for eBay sellers.

Active Content Free

Compliant with all eBay's listing policies.

Frooition design is active content free, that means are apps are compliant with eBay's policies and are secure, quick to load and fully mobile compatible.

Free Cross Promo

Our promotion gallery is totally free to use.

Our promotions gallery Froo! Cross Sell is completely free, with no limits to how many listings you place it in.

30 Day Trial

Try out any of our apps free for 30 days.

It's completely free to sign up, you then get 30 days free use to evalute any or all of our apps. And remember our promo gallery is completely free all the time.

World leading eBay branding helping you to stay ahead of your competition.

Supported with technology to make design application easy.

Apps to help you sell better

Template Themes

Apply design directly to your eBay product listings. Over 6000 responsive designs to choose from, all active content free and mobile responsive.

Cross Sell

Enhance your listings with cross promotion that will upsell all your other products available for purchase. It active content free and ready for mobile, its also 100% free!

Bulk Revision Lite

Bulk amend and update your live eBay listings, keeping your content up to date.

Smart Social

Promote your products to social networks, get more exposure and drive more sales.

Providing design for over 360,000 eBay sellers.

Frooition is eBay's only certified provider design company.

Froo Apps is from Frooition who have provided creative services and productivity apps for over 360,000 customers worldwide, we have been established for over 12 years and have provided thousands of designs across many platforms.

Frooition are a Global company with offices in the UK and US we service customers all over the globe and work across multiple timezones.

All of Frooition's designs and support are completed in-house, we never outsource. All of our designers are professionally trained with many years experience designing for ecommerce customers.

Frooition use cutting edge technology and keep up to date with the latest creative trends to ensure we provide a premium service for our customers. We also keep informed of all things ecommerce to ensure we are constantly ahead of the curve.

In addition, all of Frooition's eBay services are active content free and mobile responsive, ensuring your buyer experience is the fastest it can be across any device.

All Frooition services, including our responsive website and eBay services, have a mobile commerce element available to ensure our designs are beautiful on every device.

Available to sellers on all eBay international sites.

Including US, UK, Germany, Australia & Canada

Froo! Cross Sell

Our most popular eBay app and it's completely FREE! This great app will allow you to add an animated item gallery to all of your eBay product listings.

There's no question, when you cross promote your items you increase your sales. We've developed this fantastic FREE App so you can cross promote your eBay items within live listings.

You'll be able to promote up to 52 eBay items in the animated banner, adjust the animation speed and choose where you would like it to appear in your listings to further increase your customer engagement and sales!

Key Features:

  • Advertise up to 52 of your items on every listing
  • Simple to use
  • Choose from 51 gallery designs
  • Active Content Free
  • Responsive design, view on any device.
  • Completely Free!

Top Benefits:

  • It's a completely FREE eBay App!
  • A few clicks and apply to all your live listings
  • Increase your sales!
  • Enhance your visitors buying experience
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase your product exposure
  • Increase visitor engagement
  • Increase average basket order value

A preview of the 51 gallery designs available:

Simple signup - No contracts, No Limits, No Restrictions

Your free account is just a few clicks away, and you can have design on your listings within minutes,
with no listings caps.

Froo! Template Themes (Unlimited Listings)

Online selling requires confidence. The more confident the prospective buyer, the more willing they are to buy your items.

This great eBay app creates massive confidence in your prospective purchases by inspiring trust through using clever design. Our eBay design templates will differentiate you from your competitors, enhance your customers buying experience and increase your sales!

All our designs are active content free, and meet eBay's latest listing policies. This ensures that your eBay listings load quickly, safely and viewed to the optimum on any device.

Key Features:

  • Quality design templates for eBay Listings
  • Instantly apply designs to your live eBay listings
  • Choose from thousands of designs in our gallery
  • Use different designs for each product
  • Updated with new designs
  • Includes a product 'Zoom In' image gallery
  • Automatically Cross-Promote additional items
  • Personalise your listings with your own logo
  • Optimized for mobile viewing

Top Benefits:

  • Active content free
  • Enhance your customers buying experience
  • Easily apply your chosen design to your live eBay product listings
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Mobile optimized viewing
  • Unlimted Listing
  • Promote additional items in each listings
  • Reduce seller questions and much more!

A selection of the 6010 template designs available:

Designs Optimized for eBay Mobile & Active Content Free!

Designed for fast loading, engineered for sales.

Froo! Smart Social

This brilliant FREE eBay App will promote your eBay items on Facebook and Twitter!

'Froo! Smart Social' helps you to promote your eBay items on the World's largest social networks, Facebook and Twitter. By sending short punchy messages to your fans and followers you will increase your product exposure, eBay listing traffic and increase your sales!

Not only does this great App increase your eBay product exposure, but by advertising your deals on Facebook and Twitter, you have the exciting product prospect of going viral!

Key Features:

  • Promote your eBay items on facebook & twitter
  • Set rules to post automatically
  • Promote your most popular items
  • Post are requlars times to avoid spamming
  • Totally Free to use

Top Benefits:

  • Free promotion to facebook and twitter
  • Increase views to your eBay items
  • Gain followers for your store
  • Setup once and let the app post for you

A great fit for all sizes

Perfect for the smallest sellers to the biggest corporations in the world

Froo! Bulk Revision Lite

Froo! Bulk revision Lite is a great eBay application that allows you to bulk revise virtually anything on a group of your product listings, saving you time and money.

You can use this great eBay App to bulk amend your product listings for new eBay product requirements and future eBay Product Updates. This eBay app will save you both time and money by quickly updating a group of product listings, opposed to updating each individually.

Key Features:

You can Bulk Revise:
  • Title (Search & Replace)
  • Sub Title (Search & Replace)
  • Add to description
  • Start Price
  • Buy it Now Price
  • Reserve Price
  • Quantity
  • PayPal email address

Top Benefits:

  • Enables you to quickly and easily bulk amend your live eBay listings
  • Prevents listing downtime with eBay Updates
  • Bulk update and optimise your listings for maximum visitor engagement and much more!

Blazingly fast service

A global content delivery network, with distributed content throughout the world, delivery high transfer speeds to end users with low latency.


Mobile Optimized

Our template designs are fully optimized for use on mobile devices! With over 30% of all eBay sales being transacted through mobile devices, ensure that you products are being presented in the best possible way no matter what device they are being viewed on.
  • Optimzied for faster loading
  • Works with all devices and orientations
  • Mobile cross Promotion
  • Touch enabled image gallery
  • Automatically switches desktop & mobile
  • eBay mobile app compatible
  • No additional work required by seller


Active Content Free

In June 2017 eBay will block item descriptions that contain active content within them. Active content includes Flash, Javascript, and Form Actions.

Since the summer of 2016 all Frooition design services are active content free. As an eBay certified provider Frooition where the first design company to offer active content free design.

Along with the reassurance of being compliant with eBay's listing policies, our active content free design will display in super fast time to your potential buyers, and will be visible across any device exposing your listings to as many buyers as possible.


A better buyer experience

Used by eBay sellers across the world to build buyer confidence and help you grow your eBay sales.


It's free to sign up to froo apps, you then get 30 days free use to evaluate any or all of the apps available. We even have apps that remain free after your trial expires. Sign up now, its free!

Cross Sell FREE
Template Themes
(Unlimited Listings)
FREE 30 Day Trial
then $30.00 per month
Smart Social FREE
Bulk Revision Lite FREE 30 Day Trial
then $7.75 per month

“Excellent eBay application”

“Easy to use, creates traffic, simple but excellent design.”

eBay seller: vintageacres

More Great Services from Frooition

Professional Custom eBay Design

Grow your brand on the world's most successful marketplace.
Frooition Professional eBay Design

Frooition are the only certified provider of eBay design. For the past ten years, we have been helping sellers of all sizes to build their brand on eBay. We work closely with eBay, to create design solutions that meet policy updates.

All Frooition eBay designs are fully responsive and active content compliant.

Supported by our unique software, it is simple to step up your eBay store performance, managing listings and making changes in a few easy clicks.


Big Commerce

Built for sales.
Frooition Big Commerce Design

For businesses who want an attractive website that customers can easily navigate and buy from. Frooition Bigcommerce theme designs are completely bespoke, built to be your perfect sales environment.

Our Bigcommerce theme design service provides fully responsive design, simple to use and built on one of the world's most robust hosted website platforms.

For businesses who already have an eBay store design, we can tailor Bigcommerce designs to correspond; building a uniformed brand presence online. Increasing customer trust.



Premium looks. Perfect simplicity in functioning.
Frooition Shopify Design

For businesses who want an attractive website that customers can easily navigate and buy from.

Our Shopify design service provides fully responsive design. Simple to use and built on one of the world's most flexible, hosted website platforms. Effortlessly manage and alter your store throughout the year.

For businesses who have an existing eBay design, Shopify can be tailored to correspond, building a uniform brand presence online. Increasing customer trust.


Listing Rescue

Help with removing Active Content.
Frooition Listing Rescue Service

eBay are stopping the use of Active Content in listing descriptions from Spring 2017. Sellers need to remove this content from their listings to avoid disruption to their sales.

This means a lot of time consuming manual HTML work to strip and clean listings.

Frooition can clean your eBay descriptions programmatically for a fraction of the manual cost.

We can help you even if you aren't a Frooition Design customer.

No listing down time. Fast. Cost effective.