My Froo! Template Theme is not displaying correctly after re-listing using eBay sell similar option

It is possible to relist items using eBay's Sell Similar and Relist options and still keep your Froo template. However there are a few considerations you need to make while relisting.

If the item is radically different, it is best to relist the item without the Froo Template. This will be the case if your images or item description have changed. Once you have listed the item you will be able to reassign the Froo template within Selling Manager Applications.

To successfully re-list or sell similar.

You are free to edit all aspects of the listing such as price, title, duration, listing format etc. However we do not recommend that you edit the description, unless you are experienced in HTML editing. If you do need to edit the description, we recommend that you only do so in HTML mode, as editing in Standard mode will cause the template to display incorrectly.

I've already relisted my item and now it's not displaying correctly

If you have already used Relist or Sell Similar and your Froo listing is no longer displaying correctly, you can fix this by using the Froo application in Selling Manager.

1. Click on stage 5 - Assign to Listing

2. Choose the listing that is not displaying correctly and click remove.

(If the listing is not showing as assigned you will need to assign the listing, and then follow the steps above).
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