Fair Usage Policy

Frooition services offer our customers the flexibility of unlimited bandwidth, store design hosting and access to our free support service. However, in order to provide a fast and reliable service to all our customers, all usage of our services are subject to our Fair Usage Policy.

We will only impose a limit on the use of Frooition services to prevent unusual use and / or abuse. If a customer regularly exceeds bandwidths, store hosting requirements or support time, we may do one or both of the following:
  • Ask you to moderate your use;
  • If the customer does not modify their usage but continues to exceed the fair usage policy for 5 working days, we will limit, suspend or terminate the customer's service.
Where we suspect abuse or breach of this Fair Usage Policy, we will try to contact you before taking action in accordance within this paragraph.

In the case of severe abuse, as reasonably determined by us, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your use of Frooition services. We will again try to contact you before doing so.
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