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How do i setup a payment method for my subscription to an application

It is free to sign up to froo apps, and you get 30 days to trial all of the applications available. Some of the applications remain free after the trial period, others carry a small monthly subscription fee for continued use. Pricing details of each individual app can be found at this link.

To continue using the subscription based applications after the trial period ends you will need to set up a payment method for each app so susbcriptions can be taken each month.

To setup a payment method:
Click the 'Options' under the appropriate app on the Froo Apps home page, or select the application from the Apps drop down menu.

Within the right hand column will be a link entitled 'Setup PayPal Authority', click this.

You will then be taken to a screen that confirms the pricing for this particular application, and confirmation of the date of the first payment. Click the 'Subscribe' button.

You will then be diverted to PayPal to confirm these details. Once completed you will be returned to Froo Apps.

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