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How do i setup a payment method for my subscription to an application
Viewed 5902 times since Wed, Sep 28, 2011
It is free to sign up to froo apps, and you get 30 days to trial all of the applications available. Some of the applications remain free after the trial period, others carry a small monthly subscription fee for continued use. Pricing details of each... Read More
Why can’t I amend some listings?
Viewed 5898 times since Thu, Aug 4, 2011
If a listing has active bids then you cannot make changes as this involves revising an item and ebay's rules state that you cannot revise a listing with active bids. You are also unable to apply a template theme to an item that has less than 12... Read More
Renewing your eBay Token
Viewed 5658 times since Thu, May 22, 2014
If your eBay Token has expired Froo Apps will not be able to communicate with your eBay account and you will be unable to use any of the eBay applications. You will need to renew your Token. Login to your froo apps account ( Read More
I get the notice "Auth token is hard expired"
Viewed 5489 times since Wed, Feb 19, 2014
When you first started to use Froo Apps you granted permission for Froo to access your eBay account, this permission allows data such as your selling list to be populated in to the apps, it is also required for galleries or design to be applied to... Read More
How do I unsubscribe from the application/cancel my subscription?
Viewed 5232 times since Tue, May 21, 2013
You can cancel your subscription/unsubscribe at any time from the User Profile section under the Account tab. Read More
I get a message from eBay saying I have an email address within my listing when I revise the listing.
Viewed 4665 times since Mon, May 12, 2014
If you have received the following message whilst editing your listing that contains a Froo! Template Theme design, you do not need to worry that the design is causing a problem, and you will not have your listings removed. From October 2013 eBay... Read More
Are amendments made immediately?
Viewed 3949 times since Thu, Aug 4, 2011
Yes, where eBay's amendment policy allows. Read More
Does amending listings through Froo! Bulk Revision affect eBay policies on amendments?
Viewed 3823 times since Thu, Aug 4, 2011
No, not all live listings can be changed. If a listing has active bids then you cannot perform certain revisions. For more information on eBay's listing revision policies see: Read More
What parts of a listing can’t I change?
Viewed 3795 times since Thu, Aug 4, 2011
You are currently unable to modify item specifics, product images, descriptions, duration, charity information, payment methods, shipping costs, item location and additional checkout instructions. Read More
Will Froo! Bulk Revision affect eBay best match / sales history?
Viewed 3766 times since Thu, Aug 4, 2011
No, Froo! Bulk Revision will not affect eBay Best Match / sales history, in fact it is better to revise items than to cancel a listing and then re-list it with changes. Read More
How do I search for a group of listings I want to change?
Viewed 3719 times since Thu, Aug 4, 2011
Froo! Bulk Revision allows you to display all live listings or have a more detailed filtered search. The filtered search enables you to specify a price range, select a end date range, choose a listing type, select number of bids and enter a title or... Read More
Can I revise or add fitment data to all of my listings at once?
Viewed 3483 times since Tue, May 14, 2013
The maximum number of listings that can be selected to be revised is 100. Once that 'batch' of revisions is complete you can select a further 100 and so on, until all of the listings you want to revise have been amended. Read More
I thought Froo! Bulk Revision was free
Viewed 3467 times since Tue, May 14, 2013
Froo! Bulk Revision is free to for up to 25 amendments per month and free for ALL motors amendments Read More
I use a 3rd party listing Tool. Can I still use Froo! Bulk Revision?
Viewed 3282 times since Tue, May 14, 2013
Yes! Froo BULK revision tool can be used to make changes to your live listings regardless of what listing method you use. Read More
Why can’t I find or replace certain text when using Froo! Bulk Revision?
Viewed 3243 times since Tue, May 14, 2013
Froo! Bulk Revision will find and replace plain (unformatted) text but is not designed to edit html content. Read More