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I have applied a Froo! app to my listing and now my listings are not appearing in eBay Search
Viewed 6950 times since Wed, Sep 14, 2011
When we apply design or a gallery to your listings this is an eBay revision. When you revise an item ebay then re-index your store products. This is usually very quick but can take a few hours depending upon how busy eBay's servers are. This... Read More
Can I remove the gallery once it is applied on my live listings.
Viewed 5847 times since Thu, Aug 4, 2011
You can remove an animated gallery from your live eBay listings by following these steps. Start the application and enter the listing ID of your eBay item in the 'Enter Listing ID' input box, then click the 'APPLY', if the the... Read More
Why can’t I amend some listings?
Viewed 5639 times since Thu, Aug 4, 2011
If a listing has active bids then you cannot make changes as this involves revising an item and ebay's rules state that you cannot revise a listing with active bids. You are also unable to apply a template theme to an item that has less than 12... Read More
What will happen to my listing if I unsubscribe from the application?
Viewed 5634 times since Thu, Aug 4, 2011
If you choose to unsubscribe from Froo your listings will revert to how it looked before you applied a template theme or Cross Sell gallery. Read More
Renewing your eBay Token
Viewed 5376 times since Thu, May 22, 2014
If your eBay Token has expired Froo Apps will not be able to communicate with your eBay account and you will be unable to use any of the eBay applications. You will need to renew your Token. Login to your froo apps account ( Read More
I get the notice "Auth token is hard expired"
Viewed 5235 times since Wed, Feb 19, 2014
When you first started to use Froo Apps you granted permission for Froo to access your eBay account, this permission allows data such as your selling list to be populated in to the apps, it is also required for galleries or design to be applied to... Read More
Can Froo! Cross Sell be applied to scheduled listing
Viewed 5084 times since Tue, Jul 1, 2014
The free scrolling gallery can only be applied to live listings. Once your scheduled items are live you can start the Froo! Cross Sell application and either enter the listing ID of the item you would like to place a gallery in, or alternatively... Read More
How do I unsubscribe from the application/cancel my subscription?
Viewed 4975 times since Tue, May 21, 2013
You can cancel your subscription/unsubscribe at any time from the User Profile section under the Account tab. Read More
Froo! Cross Sell - Step by Step guide
Viewed 4858 times since Wed, Dec 14, 2016
Once you have signed up for your free Froo Apps account, you can add in any of the applications available. Froo! Cross is a free tool to apply an animated gallery to you live listings. To start with subscribe to the app. Login to your Froo Apps... Read More
How do I decide what items to display in Cross Sell?
Viewed 4031 times since Thu, Aug 4, 2011
You can cross promo up to 52 of your live eBay listings within the animated gallery. These items are selected from your active selling listing automatically, but you can chose how this selection is made. Within the settings section of the Froo!... Read More
Are apps within Froo active content Free?
Viewed 3953 times since Wed, Dec 14, 2016
Yes, the content generated by the applications in Froo Apps are active content free. As an eBay certified provider all Frooition software is verified by eBay to be compliant with its latest policies. If you use Froo! Template Themes or Froo! Cross... Read More
My newly listed items do not contain a Cross Selling gallery
Viewed 3910 times since Mon, May 12, 2014
The free scrolling gallery placed by Froo! Cross Sell does not apply automatically to your listings, all you need to do whn listing a new item is to start the Froo! Cross Sell application and either enter the listing ID of the item you would like to... Read More
Can I change the position of the Cross Sell gallery in my listing description?
Viewed 3301 times since Mon, May 12, 2014
There are two settings for the position of the gallery within your live eBay listings, this is either the top of the bottom of your current description. Before the gallery is applied to your live eBay listings you can select either 'Top'... Read More
I’ve update my title and/or images, but they haven’t changed within the Froo! Cross Sell
Viewed 3299 times since Wed, Dec 14, 2016
I order to display you live listings within the the cross sell gallery with take a snap shot (cache) your live listing periodically. If you make a change to you live listings such as changing the item title or gallery image these changes won't... Read More
I have changed my listing images and the cross sell is still showing the old thumbnails.
Viewed 2988 times since Mon, May 12, 2014
The free scrolling gallery does not store images and can only show the current image that is loaded in to live ebay listings. However, if you update the images within your listing you browser may still cache the old thumbnail so that when you view... Read More