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Renewing your eBay Token
Viewed 5703 times since Thu, May 22, 2014
If your eBay Token has expired Froo Apps will not be able to communicate with your eBay account and you will be unable to use any of the eBay applications. You will need to renew your Token. Login to your froo apps account ( Read More
I get the notice "Auth token is hard expired"
Viewed 5519 times since Wed, Feb 19, 2014
When you first started to use Froo Apps you granted permission for Froo to access your eBay account, this permission allows data such as your selling list to be populated in to the apps, it is also required for galleries or design to be applied to... Read More
Are apps within Froo active content Free?
Viewed 4285 times since Wed, Dec 14, 2016
Yes, the content generated by the applications in Froo Apps are active content free. As an eBay certified provider all Frooition software is verified by eBay to be compliant with its latest policies. If you use Froo! Template Themes or Froo! Cross... Read More
Can a closed Froo Apps account be reactived?
Viewed 3347 times since Wed, Jun 11, 2014
Yes, a closed account can be reactivated. To reactive an account, go to the Froo Apps Login page, and enter the username and password of your closed account. As the account is closed you will not be able to login straight away, but instead see a... Read More